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My name is Victoria and I am a graduate student in biomedical sciences. Everyday as I walk in to work, I pass the VA Hospital in front of my research building. There are always many patients sitting outside waiting for shuttles or appointments. When I have stopped to talk to those waiting, I have found that many are suffering with issues that have no known cures or only marginally effective treatments. As a result I often feel the urge to post a sign or to tell them to hang in there, because just behind them is a huge research complex where in every lab, there are scientists working day and night to find a way to end their suffering. Because I am also a veteran and I am driven to help others, this daily walk serves as a reminder and motivator for the importance of my work when I feel discouraged by the challenges inherent in difficult research and the dire predictions in the media about futures of US science careers due to funding. I discovered through conversations with my classmates and colleagues that many had such stories and strong motivations for pursuing a career in research, despite the challenges.

This is a blog created by scientists in training with the hopes to change the world for the better. We know the current political rhetoric about research funding may seem frightening to those of you who are suffering or have loved ones with a disease or hardship. We want to reach out and tell those of you who live in hope that new discoveries will lead to a cure, that you will not be forgotten.

Most importantly, we wanted you to know that we will not give up.